Archon: Blades of Zul

Episode 16: The Sea Wasp vs. The Filthy Minnow

Part 1: The Quickening

The Sea Wasp led by Ezikaiah Vane gains on the The Filthy Minnow, and Captain Edwin Sellick, known by his nickname Wardawg, calls all hands to ready the battle stations. He screams to give no quarter for none will be given. As the Sea Wasp readies to board, the initial assault by the Sea Wasps crew has disastrous results, as many of the boarders do not make the swing from ship to ship and plunge down into the water depths, where sharks are awaiting sensing the coming of blood and battle. A nasty fog is laid down by the Sea Wasps druid Seidon, who unleashes lighting across the bow. But the Dublineers lead the resistance and cut through the Sea Wasps ranks with deadly precision. Although, Ru falls in battle onc point and Anira got knocked in the drink, the battle is decidedly one sided with Ezikaiah Vane falling under the immense Keg Hammer of Wardawg, and Seidon being cut down by the Dublineers. Ezikaiah Vane is in possession of his Circles trophy, but by pirate law, the captain has rights to the fallen captains gear. Wardawg agrees to allow The Dublineers to take possession of the Vane’s gear, as long as they lay no claim to the Sea Wasp, in which Wardawg has claimed as his own.



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