Archon: Blades of Zul

Episode 15: The Deadliest Catch

After a daring escape from Seashank prison, the Dublineers begin to acquaint themselves with life at seas. Aboard the Filthy minnow They take on various jobs as riggers, deck hands, and even Taliesin settles in as a cook. The ship stops at a small cove known for crabs to catch food for the crew, and makes the decision to split the party. Taliesin and Anira go to shore with Treasure Chest and Voodoo and are attacked by Giant Crabs. They are able to dispatch them even though there was some close calls. Days later, a violent storm strikes the boat, and the ship loses its deck hand Pretty One Mckie. Then finally at the end of last episode, a dangerous Pirate vessel known as the Sea Wasp, helmed by the pirate Ezikiah Vane, sets it sights on the Filthy Minnow.



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