Archon: Blades of Zul

Episode 14: The Escape of Big Purple

The Dublineers trapped inside Seashank prison begin infiltrate the prison and utilized their considerable skills to varying degrees. While Anira and Ru utilize their brute strength and intimidation to rise up the hierarchy of the prison society, Taliesin turns to curious allies, the kobold Doogle and the cabin boy Ricketts. The party hatches a scheme where they will incite a prison riot and release the shady figure blue figure held in the cell next to Taliesin. It works like a charm as the party is able to free, Johnny Raw, Handsome Jack, Ricketts, and Vera. They utilize Taleisin’s Lock spell to open doors and gates, and even bribe a guard to let the blue hulk loose. The escape ends with the daring Dublineers zip lining from the coast line to the pirate ship “The Filthy Minnow”, which they had arranged to be waiting for them with their things. Ricketts however does is unable to make the descent, and plummets into the water as ropes are cast in to try to retrieve him. The last thing we see is Handsome Jack giving the double bird to Sea Warden who is also deposited into the bay by the enormous blue rage monster breaking havoc along the country side.



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