Archon: Blades of Zul

Episode 13: Vera Trebilcock and the Seashank Redemption

The Dublineers arrive in the port City of Anchor in hopes of securing passage on a ship to Seorsalinda. They struggle mightly until a young girl named Beth emerges claiming to know a captain who will help them for a favor. The party agrees to meet with the captain of the Filthy Minnow a half orc that goes by the name of War Dawg. He promises to take them to Seorsalinda if they perform one pretty difficult task, to get his crew members Treasure Chest, Handsome Jack Prescott, Johnny Raw, and their cabin boy Rickets out of prison. The Dublineers agree to the task but soon find out that breaking into a prison is more difficult then expected. Sneaking in was not an option as guards littered the outside. They attempted to talk their way in, and even concocted a story that the Sea Warden himself was in terrible danger, to no avail. Beth appears again revealing that Rickets is actually her brother, and that the easiest way to get into the prison is to get arrested. The party refuses to go this route and tries to meet with Handsome Jack’s former paramour the Sea Warden’s daughter to try to gain access, but she refuses to help them. The party agrees to sleep at the inn for the night. When they awake they find Beth waiting for them, looking disappointed. She gets up to leave, and before she goes out the door, she turns apologizes to them. Ru realizes quickly that they have been double crossed. It is too late however as city guards knock down the door and capture them. After a search of their room all of the parties valuables are missing but they are replaced with the crown jewels of Prince Atkin Allgood.
Once inside the prison, the party learns quickly about some of the inmates, including a curious kobold who tells Taliesin that he is digging a tunnel. Anira discovers Vera Trebilcock, and she gives her the rundown of the rest of the crew, and to not eat the food. There is also a mysterious Prisoner Zero, who is kept behind glass and transported hannibal lector style.



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