Archon: Blades of Zul

Episode 12: The Last Forgemaster

After the bloodbath at Bruin’s Pub, the Dublineers make their way back to Anderon Grant’s apartment to rest for the night. They find the old broken down black smith, passed out drunk so they decide to bed down for the night in his apartment. Waking first Anira hears the sounds of Celrik outside screaming to in the town square trying to find her. He and his knights arrive in town after receiving a distress message from the Dublineers, in response to Morrigan the Darkheart appearing nearby. He beds down for the night at the local inn, and tells Anira they will talk in the morning. After Anira returns, she is pleased and somewhat scared to find out that Frost is speaking her name and seems to be learning words…slowly. In the morning the Dublineers try to convince Anderson Grant to accompany them to Seorsalinda but he refuses. He does agree to share what he knows about the elven homeland.

Anderson tells his story:

Seorsalinda. Some would call it beautiful, and ancient. I call it hell. The landscape is beautiful don’t get me wrong, but the beings that dwell there have no love for folk like us. Oh they will like your fey friend plenty, but your dwarf , he might as well stay here. They will have no love for you either, they will call you half breed and spit on the ground when you pass, the racist fucks. We were sent there during the Revenant wars, probably was 27 years ago now. We were a small unit 8 to 10 of us I guess. All under the command of your father, Sir Tobin Ualtar. We were hunting a Revenant who had fled to Seorsalinda towards the end of the war, a particular nasty one known as Kocular Black. We hunted him up into the northern part that’s when we encountered the sagewood clan and where you’re father met your mother.The sagewoods provided us a great deal of intel to hunt Black, and lets us stay there as a base of operations. I led a campaign that was able to find Black and put him down, not that Revenants stay down… they are eternal and can always be rezerected. We won the battle, but Black and his regiment, did unspeakable things to the beings that dwelled there, and poisoned the land. The devastation from the battle we waged also caused the death of some of the local wildlife and fey that dwelled there. The Sagewoods felt betrayed, and cast us out. We stayed there another year, all that time with my urging Tobin to leave, but he was determined to hunt down all of the remaining of the Black’s forces in that area. Personally I think he just wanted to stay with your mother. Another year we were there, and then things between him and your mother ended and we went home.

We got back and joined with Emerick’s campaign, and finished out the war. The new king decided to reward those who were instrumental in his campaign and made your daddy a count. I didn’t’ get fuck all. Apparently I was considered unreliable, despite the countless battles I had won for him. We had lost many of the Archon Forgemasters during the war, as they were prime targets for the Revenants. When the his royal highness King Emerick Allgood passed me over, I denied my forge from him. So he disbanded the Archon Knights, claiming that their time had passed. But that wasn’t the truth, the truth was he needed to make Archon Knights. The Forgemaster’s are the key to the Archon ya see, we train the knights, and forge and unlock the Archon weapons. And as far as I know, I’m the last of them. So that’s it that’s my tale. Now what kind of questions do you have for me.

Key take aways:
Kocular Black is a Revenant and they should try to find his tomb to consecrate it.
Morgwais, the red lady or lady of the woods, is the guardian of the Grandfather tree
Seorsalinda is home to many dangerous fey creatures, like centaurs. The elves are constantly at war with them.
Anderson was in possession of magical seeds

In the morning Celrik pledged his sword to the Forgemaster, and Taleisin is able to convince Anderson Grant to make Archon Weapons and join the team to stop an Revenant Uprising. Anderson tells them the story of the Starfall meteor and how Blades of Zul are made from celestium a rare element made from that meteor.

The party does some armor shopping back spends time at the Dairy Barn, making chocolate milk for the kids of the town utilizing Anira’s chocolate frogs. The party also spends time at Avander’s buying potions. He also mentions that the part should spend time in Greenest seeing the changes that are happening there.

In the morning the party sets out from Twin Rivers on the way to the town of Anchor to gain passage on a ship. They take a quick detour to see Greenest and see how the town is being rebuilt. They are thanked and welcomed there, and they get their first look at the memorial fountain in the town square that has statues of each member of the Dublineers and featuring Taliesin prominently in the middle.



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