Archon: Blades of Zul

Episode 11: Showdown at Bruin's Pub

Chigusa_Unmasked.png The Dublineers fresh out of The Gauntlet decide to retire to Bruin’s Pub to take a short rest and retrieve the bottle of Jimmy Walker Black Dynamite alcohol that they were promised. They gather up Wormie, and make their way to the pub to find that Bruin is not there, and that the pub is strangely empty. After resting and enjoying some nice ale and Beef Stew. Bruin finally arrives at the Pub. He seems a bit off. The party asks for their reward, and he tells them he has to go to the back to get it. Once Bruin is safely away, the masked figure Morrigan the Darkheart sneaks into the bar behind the heroes and calls them out. She tells them that they have meddled in her affairs enough and that she is finally here to end them. She tells a tale of how the characters know her from the past. That they were responsible for killing the one thing in her life that she actually cared for. Morrigan unmasks herself and reveals that she is actually Chigusa Cyronnen. The monk who Amata and Anira originally began their journey to find, because Amata had a vision that Chigusa, her long lost love was in trouble. They had found Chigusa on the road fleeing the town of Greenest many months ago, little did they know at the time of finding her, that was the one responsible for the destruction of Greenest. They encountered her again in the Twin River mines, this time as the masked figure Morrigan the Darkheart, and even found a locket in the mine, with a painting of Amata inside it.
The Dublineers move to attack but before they can, Chigusa backs out of the door of the tavern and twenty-five Black Lotus cultists rush the heroes, crazy 88 style. But the cultists are no longer a match for our heroes as they lay waste to them in a grisly spectacle of devastation. Body parts, entrails, and brains are sprayed all over the tavern. The bar and the tables and glassware all destroyed as Bruins Pub becomes a blood bath. Two more figures enter the Bar, powerful Black Lotus Monks who are twin brothers, known as Musashi and Kojiro. They posses deadly martial art skills and are able to level the playing field against the Dublineers, but Ru is able to slay Kojiro, and this greatly devastates Musashi. Musashi is slain by Frost in a horrid display where he rips his arm off.
Chigusa enters the fray and is able to incapacitate Ru, but the battle has not gone as she has foreseen. Her attempt to kill Ru and then escape fails, as she is not able to slip into the shadows of the battle. The Dublineers are able to damage and pursue her out of the bar and into an alley, giving Chigusa a tactical advantage due to close quarter combat. Chigusa is able to put Taliesin on the ground incapacitating him, and decides to use that opportunity to run and survive. With Taliesin and Ru badly injured, the Dublineers call off the pursuit and Chigusa escapes to fight another day.



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