Archon: Blades of Zul

Episode 9: The Forgemaster

And down the stretch they come

Anira has a dream of her daring escape with her brother Celrik from the fey dimmension known as First World. In the dream Celrik is cutting through hordes of zombies in attempt to get to a portal. He is able to push Anira through before being separated from her by the Zombie hordes.
The party makes their way to an old forgemaster known as Anderson Grant, in hopes that he can provide some background information about Ru’s parents, and the continent of Seorsalinda. Grant is described to them as a great hero of the Revenant Wars, and an accomplished Smith. What they find however is quite differet. He is a fall down sloppy drunk who seems to be drinking his life away. He refuses to aid the party unless they purchase him a bottle of Jimmy Walker Black Dynamite, a very special and rare bottle of alcohol. The party proceeds to try to obtain a bottle but the only one they can find is at the local tavern, Bruins Pub. Bruin will give them bottle if they will do him. His partner has gotten into a gambling debt with the local crime lord, known as The Vig. He asks that they go to The Vig’s gambling hall, and either retrieve his partner Wormie, or work out some sort of compromise so that Bruin doesn’t have to sign over the bar to the Vig. The party goes to hall, and finds out there are illegal Cockatrice races going there. Winning a bet on race also gives you a victory coin. Three victory coins allows you to see the Vig about winning an extra prize. The party bets until they win three races, and then take their victory coins to the Vig. They attempt to negotiate with the Vig for Wormie’s release, but the Vig will have none of it. He wants the bar. So the party tries to do it by force. The Vig unleashes 8 Cockatrices on them. The party is able to kill the cockatrices and The Vig but still have to find Wormie.



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