Archon: Blades of Zul

Episode 10: The Gauntlet

The Dublineers encounter the Game Master who promises that if they agree to enter the gauntlet to entertain the masses, he will forgive the debt of Wormie. The Dublineers return to Bruin’s Pub to make sure he actually has the Jimmy Walker Black Dynamite. He does so they go back and agree to the terms. The quickly also learn that the agent of the Black Lotus that they encountered way back at the Twin River Mine, Morrigan the Dark Heart is here. Morrigan attempts to move against the characters but the Game Master stops her, claiming that they are bound by a magical contract and anyone who interferes with the contract become liable to it. She tells them, she will enjoy watching their deaths from her box.
The Dublineers enter the gauntlet and encounter a flooded room trap that they must decipher runes in order to get out of the room. They just barely escape with a bit of water in their lungs. In the next room they encounter a swinging blade challenge. The use navigate 6 swinging blades, to get to a lever on the other side. They discover that there is a pressure plate in front of the lever, that they must weigh down to pull the switch. After successfully navigating this, they encounter the A Cave Troll is guarding a lever that drains an acid pit. Ru is able to get across the pit, but gets separated from the party. They are able to lure the troll out and get behind it, and pull the lever but after a long battle struggle to put it down until they finally realize that it takes Fire damage to kill it. The party then encounters a bottomless pit which has a narrow beam across it. They tie ropes around themselves and attempt to cross but to their horror they almost lose their winter wolf companion, Frost, but luckily the rope around him holds and Anira is able to put him inside her magic necklace. The party, badly wounded,leaves the the gauntlet without entering the final two chambers…passing up any rewards that may have been inside.




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