Archon: Blades of Zul

Episode 11: Showdown at Bruin's Pub

Chigusa_Unmasked.png The Dublineers fresh out of The Gauntlet decide to retire to Bruin’s Pub to take a short rest and retrieve the bottle of Jimmy Walker Black Dynamite alcohol that they were promised. They gather up Wormie, and make their way to the pub to find that Bruin is not there, and that the pub is strangely empty. After resting and enjoying some nice ale and Beef Stew. Bruin finally arrives at the Pub. He seems a bit off. The party asks for their reward, and he tells them he has to go to the back to get it. Once Bruin is safely away, the masked figure Morrigan the Darkheart sneaks into the bar behind the heroes and calls them out. She tells them that they have meddled in her affairs enough and that she is finally here to end them. She tells a tale of how the characters know her from the past. That they were responsible for killing the one thing in her life that she actually cared for. Morrigan unmasks herself and reveals that she is actually Chigusa Cyronnen. The monk who Amata and Anira originally began their journey to find, because Amata had a vision that Chigusa, her long lost love was in trouble. They had found Chigusa on the road fleeing the town of Greenest many months ago, little did they know at the time of finding her, that was the one responsible for the destruction of Greenest. They encountered her again in the Twin River mines, this time as the masked figure Morrigan the Darkheart, and even found a locket in the mine, with a painting of Amata inside it.
The Dublineers move to attack but before they can, Chigusa backs out of the door of the tavern and twenty-five Black Lotus cultists rush the heroes, crazy 88 style. But the cultists are no longer a match for our heroes as they lay waste to them in a grisly spectacle of devastation. Body parts, entrails, and brains are sprayed all over the tavern. The bar and the tables and glassware all destroyed as Bruins Pub becomes a blood bath. Two more figures enter the Bar, powerful Black Lotus Monks who are twin brothers, known as Musashi and Kojiro. They posses deadly martial art skills and are able to level the playing field against the Dublineers, but Ru is able to slay Kojiro, and this greatly devastates Musashi. Musashi is slain by Frost in a horrid display where he rips his arm off.
Chigusa enters the fray and is able to incapacitate Ru, but the battle has not gone as she has foreseen. Her attempt to kill Ru and then escape fails, as she is not able to slip into the shadows of the battle. The Dublineers are able to damage and pursue her out of the bar and into an alley, giving Chigusa a tactical advantage due to close quarter combat. Chigusa is able to put Taliesin on the ground incapacitating him, and decides to use that opportunity to run and survive. With Taliesin and Ru badly injured, the Dublineers call off the pursuit and Chigusa escapes to fight another day.

Episode 10: The Gauntlet

The Dublineers encounter the Game Master who promises that if they agree to enter the gauntlet to entertain the masses, he will forgive the debt of Wormie. The Dublineers return to Bruin’s Pub to make sure he actually has the Jimmy Walker Black Dynamite. He does so they go back and agree to the terms. The quickly also learn that the agent of the Black Lotus that they encountered way back at the Twin River Mine, Morrigan the Dark Heart is here. Morrigan attempts to move against the characters but the Game Master stops her, claiming that they are bound by a magical contract and anyone who interferes with the contract become liable to it. She tells them, she will enjoy watching their deaths from her box.
The Dublineers enter the gauntlet and encounter a flooded room trap that they must decipher runes in order to get out of the room. They just barely escape with a bit of water in their lungs. In the next room they encounter a swinging blade challenge. The use navigate 6 swinging blades, to get to a lever on the other side. They discover that there is a pressure plate in front of the lever, that they must weigh down to pull the switch. After successfully navigating this, they encounter the A Cave Troll is guarding a lever that drains an acid pit. Ru is able to get across the pit, but gets separated from the party. They are able to lure the troll out and get behind it, and pull the lever but after a long battle struggle to put it down until they finally realize that it takes Fire damage to kill it. The party then encounters a bottomless pit which has a narrow beam across it. They tie ropes around themselves and attempt to cross but to their horror they almost lose their winter wolf companion, Frost, but luckily the rope around him holds and Anira is able to put him inside her magic necklace. The party, badly wounded,leaves the the gauntlet without entering the final two chambers…passing up any rewards that may have been inside.


Episode 9: The Forgemaster
And down the stretch they come

Anira has a dream of her daring escape with her brother Celrik from the fey dimmension known as First World. In the dream Celrik is cutting through hordes of zombies in attempt to get to a portal. He is able to push Anira through before being separated from her by the Zombie hordes.
The party makes their way to an old forgemaster known as Anderson Grant, in hopes that he can provide some background information about Ru’s parents, and the continent of Seorsalinda. Grant is described to them as a great hero of the Revenant Wars, and an accomplished Smith. What they find however is quite differet. He is a fall down sloppy drunk who seems to be drinking his life away. He refuses to aid the party unless they purchase him a bottle of Jimmy Walker Black Dynamite, a very special and rare bottle of alcohol. The party proceeds to try to obtain a bottle but the only one they can find is at the local tavern, Bruins Pub. Bruin will give them bottle if they will do him. His partner has gotten into a gambling debt with the local crime lord, known as The Vig. He asks that they go to The Vig’s gambling hall, and either retrieve his partner Wormie, or work out some sort of compromise so that Bruin doesn’t have to sign over the bar to the Vig. The party goes to hall, and finds out there are illegal Cockatrice races going there. Winning a bet on race also gives you a victory coin. Three victory coins allows you to see the Vig about winning an extra prize. The party bets until they win three races, and then take their victory coins to the Vig. They attempt to negotiate with the Vig for Wormie’s release, but the Vig will have none of it. He wants the bar. So the party tries to do it by force. The Vig unleashes 8 Cockatrices on them. The party is able to kill the cockatrices and The Vig but still have to find Wormie.

Episode 8B: Wicked Games

During the aftermath of the slaying of the Green Hag, The Dublineers search the witches hut and find an Old Tome, Written in blood.
Razor’s Wit: Throwing Glaive
Saddle of the Cavalier
Potion of Hill Giant Strength
Scroll: Zone of Truth (2nd Level) as well as gold.

Our heroes decide to bring the infant born from the hag back to Archdruid Zara and let her decide the baby’s fate. They return to the town of Antira where they are met by their traveling companion the Caravan Master Rico Brogna who instructs them to return to the Harrison House. There are reports of disturbances, and the constable has been dispatched to investigate. When the Dublineers arrive on the scene, the house is filled with dead bodies of a mass slaughter. There are bodies of the other suitors, the constable and Mrs. Harrison. Christoff Harrison is also bleeding out on the floor. He tells a tale of how he once made a deal with the hag to better his business but he had to give the hag his daughter for a time. The hag warned him to marry her off before her 18th birthday or she would become a hag herself. Corrupted by the hag’s magic Helena Harrison turned her suitors against each other and other hags of her coven came to help her slaughter her house. In a dramatic final encounter between the Dublineers and the coven of hags, Helena promised Taliesin that she would take something from Taliesin that he would miss.
Returning to the Aldalonde circle, Anira encounters her brother Celrik Allood for the first time. He tells her of First World, the fey wild dimmesion from which they are from. He also mentions that her name during that time was Silmarwen. While there the Gathering happens where all the druid circles come to choose a new White Warden. Each circle nominated their champion and put up a talisman or necklace they each champion must defend. Archdruid Zara surprised the entire Aldalonde circle by naming Anira as the champion of the Aldalonde.

Episode 8A: The Harrison House
Wicked Games Part 1

While waiting for Druid Circles to show up for an event that Archdruid Zara has called the Gathering, the Dublineers agree to investigate the town of Antira. Reports have surfaced that the town has fallen on hard times. A lumber community which once thrived, now is struggling to a strange blight that is effecting the local wildlife. While investigating the town the town our heroes learn that there is a strange event is happening. A local Lumber Baron named Christoff Harrison has arranged for a group of rich and influential suitors to marry his daughter before her 18th birthday. Seeing this event, Taliesin infiltrates the suitors and manages to become one of them. He spends time meeting his competitors, including, one of the druids dispatched by Zara to investigate the town. He encounters many foppish nobles, and local legends as well as exotic foreigners all with their own agendas and reasons for being there including the pursuit of a piece of the Harrison family Logging fortune. Taliesin meets Helena Harrison a and their meeting goes well. He flatters her and she tells him a story of how one of the suitors, an old boy friend of hers, used to hit her when they were together. They part and Helena informs her father that she will make her decision of who she will marry.
While investigating the town the party learns that while the blight is a big problem, there are also people going missing from the town including babies. The Dublineers decide to travel north and investigate the blight for themselves. The area soon turns swampy and mosquitoes and flies bite them. There is no wildlife and they soon find a Hut in the middle of the swamp flanked by large decaying trees. Taliesin sneaks up and investigates and fines a Green Hag inside consuming a human infant in a supernatural ritual. He busts in and an encounter ensues. The Hag has the ability to turn invisible and uses her magic to awaken the two large trees. A very long and difficult battle takes place where both Anira and Ru fall at certain points during the battle but the Dublineers prevail, and kill the two trees and Hag, with Anira getting the Killing blow on the hag. As the Hag dies, she gives birth to a human baby.

Episode 7: The White Warden

The Dublineers resting after the victory over the Winter Wolf, Nyx, recover the little wolf pup who wakes with glowing blue eyes. The wolf immediately imprints on Anira. Digger decrees that the pup can not stay with the sunset pack due to his “unnatural nature” so Anira agrees to take the pup as her companion rather then put him down. Tears are shed, and Sable says good bye to the puppy she gave birth to. The Dublineers return to the Aldalonde Circle. Taliesin continues to research the Arboreal Observatory and through his research believes the facility is close. As the group begins to make preparation to go there, Archdruid Zara gives Anira the Sunset Amulet, a magical amulet she had constructed to help keep the spirt of Anira’s pack with her. The Amulet also lets her store her pet magically. Archdruid Zara also provides Ru with background about her mother’s clan…The Sagewood clan. She instructs Ru to seek out The Lady of the Wood known as Morgwais at the Grandfather Tree in Seorsalinda. She also tells tale of a traveling companion who used to run with her mother and father, known as Anderson Grant. He also may have information that could help Ru.
The party begins to make their way to the Arboreal Observatory. They engaged in a skill challenge to navigate to the top of the broken tower, using ropes to grapple and climb their way to the top. They walked across balance beams, and used their skills to investigate the strange Telescope known as the Star Scryer. The Dublineers also trigger a strange Gyrosphere that has runes and planets. Looking through the Star Scryer they see the planets of the universe. Utilizing this knowledge they are able to match the Runes and Planets on the Gyrosphere together to unlock a chamber at the center of the Star Scryer revealing the Frost Tear, an artifact of power that used to be in possession of Syberius the Winter King. After getting the orb…agents of the faction the Borean Reich turns out they were laying in wait, allowing the Dublineers to figure out the puzzle and open the chamber so they could take the Frost Tear from them. Their leader General Erich Gunther Von Graf produces a hostage, the legendary White Warden Tolsimir Wolfblood, The First Ranger who had been missing for some time. Vastly out numbered the Dublineers relent and agree to hand over the Frost Tear. Von Graf orders the death of Tolisimir as a lesson to the Dublineers, stop pursing lost artifacts. They leave with the Frost Tear. The Dublineers gather up Tolsimir’s body and pursue the Borean Reich but realize that its a fruitless venture. They return to the Aldalonde. Archdruid Zara tries to revive the White Warden but to no avail. She sends out Druids to all corners to summon the other druid circles for an event she calls "The Gathering.

Episode 6: A Den of Wolves
The Aldalonde Chronicles

The Dublineers hold vigil with the Aldalonde druids over the body of their fallen friend. Afterwards, a wolf named Chase who is a member of Anira’s family known as the Sunset Pack finds her at the circle. He leads the Dublineers back to The Dugout where they witness that the Sunset wolves are the victims of a savage attack by the Bitterfang Pack. After performing healing on the injured members of the Sunset, Anira learns that one of her sisters, Sable has been taken months ago by this menace and that a horrible wolf named Nyx runs this pack. At the request of Digger, Anira leads the Dublineers on a hunt to locate the Bitterfang den, end Nyx, and find Sable. Near the entrance of the enemy den the Dublineers are attacked by Bitterfang wolves, and are able to destroy them, after being badly injured. They rest outside the cave. Once the proceed inside they are injured again on an ice trap that impales them on frozen antler horns. This softens them and as they move in further they discover an exhausted Sable who has recently given birth. She claims that Nyx ate her pups in front of her. Moving into Nyx’s den they are ambushed by him as he lays in wait beneath a pile of snow. Nyx claims his mistress has been waiting for him to destroy Anira. He emerges with his glowing ice blue eyes and unleashes his frozen breath weapon on them, wreaking horrific damage on the party. But Pudge saves the day unleashing a torrent of healing energy that she does not normally possess to heroically preserve the party. The party recovers and slays Nyx. They find an ornate plate mail chest piece, and right as they are about to leave Ru finds a wolf pup buried underneath the snow. The wolf is freezing and has yet to open his eyes. The Dublineers return with Sable and the pup to the Sunset Pack. Digger demands to see the pup. Everyone stands above it and Digger presses on the pup with his paw, the pup opens its eyes for the first time revealing its glowing ice blue eyes.

Episode 5B: You should have gave us our Horseys

The Dublineers decide to release Leosin Erlanthar. The caravan is attacked by Perytons that the party defeats handedly. During a rest stop the party notices the noblemen is mistreating his horses. The characters decide to buy the horses instead of staring a confrontation or witnessing the abuse. But right when the characters are about finally get to their destination the Dublineers demand the horses that they paid for. After a debate, the Nobleman Horus Kent and his Knight Guard Sir Orus and his Mage, Redraven refused to give up the horses so the Dublineers challenge them to a fight to the death. After long and bloody battle that almost costs Ru her life, the Dublineers emerge victorious and make it to the Aldalonde.

Episode 5A: Getting A Head

The Dublineers set out from the Heralds Holdfast in order to retrieve Amata Heartsong’s body and make preparations for a long journey they return to their adopted home of Twin River Keep. Before leaving, Ebreneus gives Ru a mysterious silver calligraphy set and Anira complaining she didn’t get anything from this trip gets a scroll about her heritage. Once back in town the party is able to purchase a wagon from the Caravan Master Rico Brogna and agree to work as the Caravan’s guardians and guides, for 20 gp a week each. They also purchase a fine draft horse named Gummy from the Whitemane Stables after Taliesin takes the stable master Presley Monsoon out drinking at the local watering hole known as the Goblin Fish Tavern. The patrons there beg Taliesin for a performance, so he performs a song about a tragic love story known as Living on a Prayer. The patrons so enthralled by start to tear the place up, but order is restored as the imposing bouncer Dalton steps in and settles things down. The Dublineers also retrieved their reward from Baron Gerald Skalg. Anira almost starts a riot at Pod’s Bakery when she tries to use her new found fame to cut the line to get a Greenberry pie, but the patrons show that fame only gets you so far, especially if you try to cut someone out for the regional treasure treat.
The characters finally leave Twin Rivers and start the long trek westward towards Skyland. The encounter a very bad rain storm which causes shrieker mushrooms to sprout up causing the caravan to lose 6 hours clearing them. They also encountered a pack of deer including one that has a beautiful golden pelt. Anira attempts to talk the caravan down from hunting the deer, but they would not hear of it so the Dublineers take it upon themselves to hunt the deer down first, and save it. The animal reveals itself as a spirit of the land, who is looking for a hero to bestow its gifts. It grants Anira a +1 Golden Bow. The spirit foretells the party having to face grave danger and warns that the not all will survive it.
A couple of days later on the road the party encounters a human head in the road. After a long debate they investigate and its a human man buried up to his neck in the middle of the road with there words traitor painted on the back of his head. He claims his name is Leosin Erlanthar and that he is a member of the Harpers. He claims that he was try to find his student Chigusa Cyronen. The party tells him that they were with her at one point but that she abandoned them. They do not however tell them about the grisly scene they awoke at in Greenest where there were fried corpses disintegrated everywhere around them. Taliesin digs Leosin out but the bind him and throw him in the back of the wagon with Amata…

Episode 4: The Elephant in the Room

The Dublineers made their way with the Tesla to the Heralds Holdfast, a stronghold of powerful magical artifacts and arcane knowledge. The heroes were greeted there by Ebreneus the Articulate and his aid. There they learned about some of the great heroes of human civilization before they entered the Hall of Dwarves. It was there that Taliesin encountered the Azril Kron. A magical silver book written in an ancient dwarven language. The book sang to Taliesin, and the bard could not resist its Syren’s call. Late in the night, after hearing the book calling to him, he went down and touched the book, unleashing its powerful protection magic. The Azril Kron summoned forth a terrifying beast known as a Dire Elephant to protect it. Separated from his allies Taliesin ran for cover, hoping to bide time until his allies heard the disturbance. They eventually joined him (although Pudge came later than the others), and helped him vanquish the Elephant. Taliesin agreed to the offer made by Ebreneus the Articulate and took a position in the Herald’s Holdfast known as the Heralds Pursuivant. The entire party joined the faction known as The Harpers, a secret spy organization who’s purpose is to preserve freedom for all.
Anira and Ru spent time researching in the library and learned about the magical items that they procured in the Dragon Hatchery. Ru’s scimitar is known as Desert Wind, a magical blade that grows with power the longer one wields it. A very powerful legacy item. They also obtained a Bag of Holding, An Elemental Gem, and 6 Heartseeker Arrows. They also were able to research Anira’s heritage and found out that she belongs to rare type of creature found in the Fey Wild, a different dimension from our own prime material plane. Her kind is known as the Eladrin. They are considered the Original Elves or High Elves and the elves that dot Axis Praelium are most likely descended from their bloodlines.
Taliesin also entered the memory chamber and spoke to his dead grandfather Cnu Silveraxe and learned the following:

- He was sorry his Nancy boy father (Clancy Silveraxe) was not there for him. He drank himself to death when he was deemed unworthy to wield the ax.

- He was proud that he will be the Pursuivant. He thought he was little too bookish and not serious, but clearly Ebreneus saw something in him, and maybe it will take more brains then brawn to accomplish retrieving the artifacts.
- Cnu admits that he spent his life gathering information for the book. It will be Taliesin’s job to actually retrieve and experience it. He was extremely jealous of him.
- He did not know where Taliesin’s mother (Aisling Silveraxe) was, but he should return home to Amhearst at some point and make things right with Penny. She may be the key to finding his mother. Taliesin’s father said in a letter to him that Penny reached out to Taliesin’s mother.
- He misses Taliesin’s Grandmother (Teagan Silveraxe) she’s still alive and ruling in Silveraxe Deep in the western parts of the Kingdom of Battlekeg.

- The Azril Kron has a section of the book called the Chromatic Codex. This section can only be opened if you are in possession of the Chromatic Orbs of Dragonkind. All of them. Cnu had searched his entire life and was only able to obtain one of them. The White Orb known as The Frost Tear which was hidden in the Arboreal Observatory. This was the Orb that he took from Siberius the Winter King. There meeting was by chance. They must go to the Observatory and claim the orb before other fell forces go after it and return it to the Heralds Holdfast. The book is the key to unlocking the location of the Observatory. He must beware, as the Cult of the Dragon will constantly be after these Orbs as well.


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