Ebreneus The Articulate

The Sage of Seorsalinda




Ebreneus the Articulate (Old Night) is an Archmage that sits on the Council of Arcanost and holds great position in the Harpers. His territory consists pretty much of Justland but he can be seen traveling in the north as well as Seorsalinda. His main base of operations is a museum and library of rare antiquities, that houses rare and sometimes dangerous items to the world know as the Herald’s Holdfast. Ebreneus was a long time traveling companion of Cnu Silveraxe, Cander Loewl, and Tolsimir Wolfblood. These companions were known as the Mutineers.

Ebreneus is looking for an agent to procure artifacts of a dangerous and powerful nature. Inside the Harpers this position is called the Heralds Pursuviant

Ebreneus The Articulate

Archon: Blades of Zul Celrik