Anira of the Aldalonde

Eladrin Ranger from a broken world finding her way




. Orphaned at a very young age, Anira was discovered lost and alone in the woods. She was set upon by a pack of wolves. The pack went to attack her but she was suddenly guarded by Nola, the matriarch of the pack. She bared her teeth and would not let the pack hurt her. From that moment on she lived as a ranger, away from society amongst the wolves. There were eight wolves in her pack and over time, they accepted her as one of them. There was the pack leader Digger (M), known for his ability to dig and hollow out great Dens. Nola (F), The Matriarch, who was Digger’s mate. There was Chase (M), who was so fast. There was Phantom (M) who was white as a ghost but was so quiet and a great hunter. There was Sable (F), A true beauty and a future Matriarch. She is prissy and proper. There is also Destiny (F) who maybe touched by magic. There is Rebel (M) who always goes against the grain and challenges the Alpha. Lastly, there is Mysti (F) who is so funny and comical. Anira grew to love them, and considers Digger and Nola her parents, and the others her brothers and sisters. 
When Anira grew older, Nola knew she must learn from the Two Legs, in order to survive. She guided Anira to a Druid Circle, that resided in the mountain forests of Skyland. The Archdruid of the Aldalond named Zara, could communicate with animals and agreed to take the elfling and tep. ach her the common tongue and the ways of survival “appropriate” for her kind. Anira did not go with them willingly and the sobbing tears were met equally by Nola’s deeply saddened whines. Under Zara’s tutoring, Anira began to learn to read and write the common tongue, but she also learned how to survive, and even learned a greater connection to nature. She learned to how use ranged weapons, and even began to unlock little bit of natural spell casting. While meditating with the druid Anira, has learned to dig deep into her self conscious and has learned that there are secrets about her childhood, buried deep within her. She dreams of a fantastical forest and a cave, and she always sees the boy in her visions. She can never see his face, but she knows he is kind to her, and always helps her in her dream quests.
Recently Anira has set out on her own for the first time in search of a greater understanding of who she is and where she comes from. She accepted a job as a Guide for a caravan who wished to travel from Skyland to the town of Greenest with a druid of the Aldalonde named Amata Heartsong. The Caravan was Anira’s first contact with the outside world, and she grew fond quickly of her knew traveling companions. During her travels she met Taliesin The Silver, a bard of some reknown.

Anira of the Aldalonde

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