Amarua "Ru" Ualtar

Half Elf Fighter on a quest to retrieve her inheritance


Amarua Ualtar, (Ru to her friends) was born from the love of her Human Father and Wood Elven Mother. Ru possesses the beauty of both races with her Amethyst black hair and ice blue eyes.


Her Father was Count Tobin Ualtar, a great adventurer in his day. Tobin met Ru’s mother, a wood elf, during his adventures in Seorsalinda, two lovers from different worlds, they parted. Ru’s mother died very early in her life and she never got to know her. She was sent by the elves to live with her father. Tobin married the Countess Madlen. Madlen always resented Ru, and when her husband died due to a prolonged sickness she cast Ru out. Ru has been denied her noble rights by the Ualtar family and is deeply hurt by this. She is driven to prove to her family that she is deserving of her family name and nobility. Ru has been on her own for a couple of years, and has taken up her father’s mantle as an adventurer. She had trained with her father, a great warrior, and she now is using what he taught her to survive. On his death bed Tobin told his young daughter that she must seek out her birth mother’s cousin, The Archdruid Zara, she can guide her to her mother’s family. They are in possession of her father’s most cherished possessions and his will, he told her that he loved her, and passed from this life. Having no leads on where to start, Ru will not stop until she reclaims her birthright.

Amarua "Ru" Ualtar

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