Archon: Blades of Zul

Episode 8B: Wicked Games

During the aftermath of the slaying of the Green Hag, The Dublineers search the witches hut and find an Old Tome, Written in blood.
Razor’s Wit: Throwing Glaive
Saddle of the Cavalier
Potion of Hill Giant Strength
Scroll: Zone of Truth (2nd Level) as well as gold.

Our heroes decide to bring the infant born from the hag back to Archdruid Zara and let her decide the baby’s fate. They return to the town of Antira where they are met by their traveling companion the Caravan Master Rico Brogna who instructs them to return to the Harrison House. There are reports of disturbances, and the constable has been dispatched to investigate. When the Dublineers arrive on the scene, the house is filled with dead bodies of a mass slaughter. There are bodies of the other suitors, the constable and Mrs. Harrison. Christoff Harrison is also bleeding out on the floor. He tells a tale of how he once made a deal with the hag to better his business but he had to give the hag his daughter for a time. The hag warned him to marry her off before her 18th birthday or she would become a hag herself. Corrupted by the hag’s magic Helena Harrison turned her suitors against each other and other hags of her coven came to help her slaughter her house. In a dramatic final encounter between the Dublineers and the coven of hags, Helena promised Taliesin that she would take something from Taliesin that he would miss.
Returning to the Aldalonde circle, Anira encounters her brother Celrik Allood for the first time. He tells her of First World, the fey wild dimmesion from which they are from. He also mentions that her name during that time was Silmarwen. While there the Gathering happens where all the druid circles come to choose a new White Warden. Each circle nominated their champion and put up a talisman or necklace they each champion must defend. Archdruid Zara surprised the entire Aldalonde circle by naming Anira as the champion of the Aldalonde.



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