Archon: Blades of Zul

Episode 8A: The Harrison House

Wicked Games Part 1

While waiting for Druid Circles to show up for an event that Archdruid Zara has called the Gathering, the Dublineers agree to investigate the town of Antira. Reports have surfaced that the town has fallen on hard times. A lumber community which once thrived, now is struggling to a strange blight that is effecting the local wildlife. While investigating the town the town our heroes learn that there is a strange event is happening. A local Lumber Baron named Christoff Harrison has arranged for a group of rich and influential suitors to marry his daughter before her 18th birthday. Seeing this event, Taliesin infiltrates the suitors and manages to become one of them. He spends time meeting his competitors, including, one of the druids dispatched by Zara to investigate the town. He encounters many foppish nobles, and local legends as well as exotic foreigners all with their own agendas and reasons for being there including the pursuit of a piece of the Harrison family Logging fortune. Taliesin meets Helena Harrison a and their meeting goes well. He flatters her and she tells him a story of how one of the suitors, an old boy friend of hers, used to hit her when they were together. They part and Helena informs her father that she will make her decision of who she will marry.
While investigating the town the party learns that while the blight is a big problem, there are also people going missing from the town including babies. The Dublineers decide to travel north and investigate the blight for themselves. The area soon turns swampy and mosquitoes and flies bite them. There is no wildlife and they soon find a Hut in the middle of the swamp flanked by large decaying trees. Taliesin sneaks up and investigates and fines a Green Hag inside consuming a human infant in a supernatural ritual. He busts in and an encounter ensues. The Hag has the ability to turn invisible and uses her magic to awaken the two large trees. A very long and difficult battle takes place where both Anira and Ru fall at certain points during the battle but the Dublineers prevail, and kill the two trees and Hag, with Anira getting the Killing blow on the hag. As the Hag dies, she gives birth to a human baby.



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