Archon: Blades of Zul

Episode 16: The Sea Wasp vs. The Filthy Minnow
Part 1: The Quickening

The Sea Wasp led by Ezikaiah Vane gains on the The Filthy Minnow, and Captain Edwin Sellick, known by his nickname Wardawg, calls all hands to ready the battle stations. He screams to give no quarter for none will be given. As the Sea Wasp readies to board, the initial assault by the Sea Wasps crew has disastrous results, as many of the boarders do not make the swing from ship to ship and plunge down into the water depths, where sharks are awaiting sensing the coming of blood and battle. A nasty fog is laid down by the Sea Wasps druid Seidon, who unleashes lighting across the bow. But the Dublineers lead the resistance and cut through the Sea Wasps ranks with deadly precision. Although, Ru falls in battle onc point and Anira got knocked in the drink, the battle is decidedly one sided with Ezikaiah Vane falling under the immense Keg Hammer of Wardawg, and Seidon being cut down by the Dublineers. Ezikaiah Vane is in possession of his Circles trophy, but by pirate law, the captain has rights to the fallen captains gear. Wardawg agrees to allow The Dublineers to take possession of the Vane’s gear, as long as they lay no claim to the Sea Wasp, in which Wardawg has claimed as his own.

Episode 15: The Deadliest Catch

After a daring escape from Seashank prison, the Dublineers begin to acquaint themselves with life at seas. Aboard the Filthy minnow They take on various jobs as riggers, deck hands, and even Taliesin settles in as a cook. The ship stops at a small cove known for crabs to catch food for the crew, and makes the decision to split the party. Taliesin and Anira go to shore with Treasure Chest and Voodoo and are attacked by Giant Crabs. They are able to dispatch them even though there was some close calls. Days later, a violent storm strikes the boat, and the ship loses its deck hand Pretty One Mckie. Then finally at the end of last episode, a dangerous Pirate vessel known as the Sea Wasp, helmed by the pirate Ezikiah Vane, sets it sights on the Filthy Minnow.

Episode 14: The Escape of Big Purple

The Dublineers trapped inside Seashank prison begin infiltrate the prison and utilized their considerable skills to varying degrees. While Anira and Ru utilize their brute strength and intimidation to rise up the hierarchy of the prison society, Taliesin turns to curious allies, the kobold Doogle and the cabin boy Ricketts. The party hatches a scheme where they will incite a prison riot and release the shady figure blue figure held in the cell next to Taliesin. It works like a charm as the party is able to free, Johnny Raw, Handsome Jack, Ricketts, and Vera. They utilize Taleisin’s Lock spell to open doors and gates, and even bribe a guard to let the blue hulk loose. The escape ends with the daring Dublineers zip lining from the coast line to the pirate ship “The Filthy Minnow”, which they had arranged to be waiting for them with their things. Ricketts however does is unable to make the descent, and plummets into the water as ropes are cast in to try to retrieve him. The last thing we see is Handsome Jack giving the double bird to Sea Warden who is also deposited into the bay by the enormous blue rage monster breaking havoc along the country side.

Episode 13: Vera Trebilcock and the Seashank Redemption

The Dublineers arrive in the port City of Anchor in hopes of securing passage on a ship to Seorsalinda. They struggle mightly until a young girl named Beth emerges claiming to know a captain who will help them for a favor. The party agrees to meet with the captain of the Filthy Minnow a half orc that goes by the name of War Dawg. He promises to take them to Seorsalinda if they perform one pretty difficult task, to get his crew members Treasure Chest, Handsome Jack Prescott, Johnny Raw, and their cabin boy Rickets out of prison. The Dublineers agree to the task but soon find out that breaking into a prison is more difficult then expected. Sneaking in was not an option as guards littered the outside. They attempted to talk their way in, and even concocted a story that the Sea Warden himself was in terrible danger, to no avail. Beth appears again revealing that Rickets is actually her brother, and that the easiest way to get into the prison is to get arrested. The party refuses to go this route and tries to meet with Handsome Jack’s former paramour the Sea Warden’s daughter to try to gain access, but she refuses to help them. The party agrees to sleep at the inn for the night. When they awake they find Beth waiting for them, looking disappointed. She gets up to leave, and before she goes out the door, she turns apologizes to them. Ru realizes quickly that they have been double crossed. It is too late however as city guards knock down the door and capture them. After a search of their room all of the parties valuables are missing but they are replaced with the crown jewels of Prince Atkin Allgood.
Once inside the prison, the party learns quickly about some of the inmates, including a curious kobold who tells Taliesin that he is digging a tunnel. Anira discovers Vera Trebilcock, and she gives her the rundown of the rest of the crew, and to not eat the food. There is also a mysterious Prisoner Zero, who is kept behind glass and transported hannibal lector style.

Episode 12: The Last Forgemaster

After the bloodbath at Bruin’s Pub, the Dublineers make their way back to Anderon Grant’s apartment to rest for the night. They find the old broken down black smith, passed out drunk so they decide to bed down for the night in his apartment. Waking first Anira hears the sounds of Celrik outside screaming to in the town square trying to find her. He and his knights arrive in town after receiving a distress message from the Dublineers, in response to Morrigan the Darkheart appearing nearby. He beds down for the night at the local inn, and tells Anira they will talk in the morning. After Anira returns, she is pleased and somewhat scared to find out that Frost is speaking her name and seems to be learning words…slowly. In the morning the Dublineers try to convince Anderson Grant to accompany them to Seorsalinda but he refuses. He does agree to share what he knows about the elven homeland.

Anderson tells his story:

Seorsalinda. Some would call it beautiful, and ancient. I call it hell. The landscape is beautiful don’t get me wrong, but the beings that dwell there have no love for folk like us. Oh they will like your fey friend plenty, but your dwarf , he might as well stay here. They will have no love for you either, they will call you half breed and spit on the ground when you pass, the racist fucks. We were sent there during the Revenant wars, probably was 27 years ago now. We were a small unit 8 to 10 of us I guess. All under the command of your father, Sir Tobin Ualtar. We were hunting a Revenant who had fled to Seorsalinda towards the end of the war, a particular nasty one known as Kocular Black. We hunted him up into the northern part that’s when we encountered the sagewood clan and where you’re father met your mother.The sagewoods provided us a great deal of intel to hunt Black, and lets us stay there as a base of operations. I led a campaign that was able to find Black and put him down, not that Revenants stay down… they are eternal and can always be rezerected. We won the battle, but Black and his regiment, did unspeakable things to the beings that dwelled there, and poisoned the land. The devastation from the battle we waged also caused the death of some of the local wildlife and fey that dwelled there. The Sagewoods felt betrayed, and cast us out. We stayed there another year, all that time with my urging Tobin to leave, but he was determined to hunt down all of the remaining of the Black’s forces in that area. Personally I think he just wanted to stay with your mother. Another year we were there, and then things between him and your mother ended and we went home.

We got back and joined with Emerick’s campaign, and finished out the war. The new king decided to reward those who were instrumental in his campaign and made your daddy a count. I didn’t’ get fuck all. Apparently I was considered unreliable, despite the countless battles I had won for him. We had lost many of the Archon Forgemasters during the war, as they were prime targets for the Revenants. When the his royal highness King Emerick Allgood passed me over, I denied my forge from him. So he disbanded the Archon Knights, claiming that their time had passed. But that wasn’t the truth, the truth was he needed to make Archon Knights. The Forgemaster’s are the key to the Archon ya see, we train the knights, and forge and unlock the Archon weapons. And as far as I know, I’m the last of them. So that’s it that’s my tale. Now what kind of questions do you have for me.

Key take aways:
Kocular Black is a Revenant and they should try to find his tomb to consecrate it.
Morgwais, the red lady or lady of the woods, is the guardian of the Grandfather tree
Seorsalinda is home to many dangerous fey creatures, like centaurs. The elves are constantly at war with them.
Anderson was in possession of magical seeds

In the morning Celrik pledged his sword to the Forgemaster, and Taleisin is able to convince Anderson Grant to make Archon Weapons and join the team to stop an Revenant Uprising. Anderson tells them the story of the Starfall meteor and how Blades of Zul are made from celestium a rare element made from that meteor.

The party does some armor shopping back spends time at the Dairy Barn, making chocolate milk for the kids of the town utilizing Anira’s chocolate frogs. The party also spends time at Avander’s buying potions. He also mentions that the part should spend time in Greenest seeing the changes that are happening there.

In the morning the party sets out from Twin Rivers on the way to the town of Anchor to gain passage on a ship. They take a quick detour to see Greenest and see how the town is being rebuilt. They are thanked and welcomed there, and they get their first look at the memorial fountain in the town square that has statues of each member of the Dublineers and featuring Taliesin prominently in the middle.

Episode 11: Showdown at Bruin's Pub

Chigusa_Unmasked.png The Dublineers fresh out of The Gauntlet decide to retire to Bruin’s Pub to take a short rest and retrieve the bottle of Jimmy Walker Black Dynamite alcohol that they were promised. They gather up Wormie, and make their way to the pub to find that Bruin is not there, and that the pub is strangely empty. After resting and enjoying some nice ale and Beef Stew. Bruin finally arrives at the Pub. He seems a bit off. The party asks for their reward, and he tells them he has to go to the back to get it. Once Bruin is safely away, the masked figure Morrigan the Darkheart sneaks into the bar behind the heroes and calls them out. She tells them that they have meddled in her affairs enough and that she is finally here to end them. She tells a tale of how the characters know her from the past. That they were responsible for killing the one thing in her life that she actually cared for. Morrigan unmasks herself and reveals that she is actually Chigusa Cyronnen. The monk who Amata and Anira originally began their journey to find, because Amata had a vision that Chigusa, her long lost love was in trouble. They had found Chigusa on the road fleeing the town of Greenest many months ago, little did they know at the time of finding her, that was the one responsible for the destruction of Greenest. They encountered her again in the Twin River mines, this time as the masked figure Morrigan the Darkheart, and even found a locket in the mine, with a painting of Amata inside it.
The Dublineers move to attack but before they can, Chigusa backs out of the door of the tavern and twenty-five Black Lotus cultists rush the heroes, crazy 88 style. But the cultists are no longer a match for our heroes as they lay waste to them in a grisly spectacle of devastation. Body parts, entrails, and brains are sprayed all over the tavern. The bar and the tables and glassware all destroyed as Bruins Pub becomes a blood bath. Two more figures enter the Bar, powerful Black Lotus Monks who are twin brothers, known as Musashi and Kojiro. They posses deadly martial art skills and are able to level the playing field against the Dublineers, but Ru is able to slay Kojiro, and this greatly devastates Musashi. Musashi is slain by Frost in a horrid display where he rips his arm off.
Chigusa enters the fray and is able to incapacitate Ru, but the battle has not gone as she has foreseen. Her attempt to kill Ru and then escape fails, as she is not able to slip into the shadows of the battle. The Dublineers are able to damage and pursue her out of the bar and into an alley, giving Chigusa a tactical advantage due to close quarter combat. Chigusa is able to put Taliesin on the ground incapacitating him, and decides to use that opportunity to run and survive. With Taliesin and Ru badly injured, the Dublineers call off the pursuit and Chigusa escapes to fight another day.

Episode 10: The Gauntlet

The Dublineers encounter the Game Master who promises that if they agree to enter the gauntlet to entertain the masses, he will forgive the debt of Wormie. The Dublineers return to Bruin’s Pub to make sure he actually has the Jimmy Walker Black Dynamite. He does so they go back and agree to the terms. The quickly also learn that the agent of the Black Lotus that they encountered way back at the Twin River Mine, Morrigan the Dark Heart is here. Morrigan attempts to move against the characters but the Game Master stops her, claiming that they are bound by a magical contract and anyone who interferes with the contract become liable to it. She tells them, she will enjoy watching their deaths from her box.
The Dublineers enter the gauntlet and encounter a flooded room trap that they must decipher runes in order to get out of the room. They just barely escape with a bit of water in their lungs. In the next room they encounter a swinging blade challenge. The use navigate 6 swinging blades, to get to a lever on the other side. They discover that there is a pressure plate in front of the lever, that they must weigh down to pull the switch. After successfully navigating this, they encounter the A Cave Troll is guarding a lever that drains an acid pit. Ru is able to get across the pit, but gets separated from the party. They are able to lure the troll out and get behind it, and pull the lever but after a long battle struggle to put it down until they finally realize that it takes Fire damage to kill it. The party then encounters a bottomless pit which has a narrow beam across it. They tie ropes around themselves and attempt to cross but to their horror they almost lose their winter wolf companion, Frost, but luckily the rope around him holds and Anira is able to put him inside her magic necklace. The party, badly wounded,leaves the the gauntlet without entering the final two chambers…passing up any rewards that may have been inside.


Episode 9: The Forgemaster
And down the stretch they come

Anira has a dream of her daring escape with her brother Celrik from the fey dimmension known as First World. In the dream Celrik is cutting through hordes of zombies in attempt to get to a portal. He is able to push Anira through before being separated from her by the Zombie hordes.
The party makes their way to an old forgemaster known as Anderson Grant, in hopes that he can provide some background information about Ru’s parents, and the continent of Seorsalinda. Grant is described to them as a great hero of the Revenant Wars, and an accomplished Smith. What they find however is quite differet. He is a fall down sloppy drunk who seems to be drinking his life away. He refuses to aid the party unless they purchase him a bottle of Jimmy Walker Black Dynamite, a very special and rare bottle of alcohol. The party proceeds to try to obtain a bottle but the only one they can find is at the local tavern, Bruins Pub. Bruin will give them bottle if they will do him. His partner has gotten into a gambling debt with the local crime lord, known as The Vig. He asks that they go to The Vig’s gambling hall, and either retrieve his partner Wormie, or work out some sort of compromise so that Bruin doesn’t have to sign over the bar to the Vig. The party goes to hall, and finds out there are illegal Cockatrice races going there. Winning a bet on race also gives you a victory coin. Three victory coins allows you to see the Vig about winning an extra prize. The party bets until they win three races, and then take their victory coins to the Vig. They attempt to negotiate with the Vig for Wormie’s release, but the Vig will have none of it. He wants the bar. So the party tries to do it by force. The Vig unleashes 8 Cockatrices on them. The party is able to kill the cockatrices and The Vig but still have to find Wormie.

Episode 8B: Wicked Games

During the aftermath of the slaying of the Green Hag, The Dublineers search the witches hut and find an Old Tome, Written in blood.
Razor’s Wit: Throwing Glaive
Saddle of the Cavalier
Potion of Hill Giant Strength
Scroll: Zone of Truth (2nd Level) as well as gold.

Our heroes decide to bring the infant born from the hag back to Archdruid Zara and let her decide the baby’s fate. They return to the town of Antira where they are met by their traveling companion the Caravan Master Rico Brogna who instructs them to return to the Harrison House. There are reports of disturbances, and the constable has been dispatched to investigate. When the Dublineers arrive on the scene, the house is filled with dead bodies of a mass slaughter. There are bodies of the other suitors, the constable and Mrs. Harrison. Christoff Harrison is also bleeding out on the floor. He tells a tale of how he once made a deal with the hag to better his business but he had to give the hag his daughter for a time. The hag warned him to marry her off before her 18th birthday or she would become a hag herself. Corrupted by the hag’s magic Helena Harrison turned her suitors against each other and other hags of her coven came to help her slaughter her house. In a dramatic final encounter between the Dublineers and the coven of hags, Helena promised Taliesin that she would take something from Taliesin that he would miss.
Returning to the Aldalonde circle, Anira encounters her brother Celrik Allood for the first time. He tells her of First World, the fey wild dimmesion from which they are from. He also mentions that her name during that time was Silmarwen. While there the Gathering happens where all the druid circles come to choose a new White Warden. Each circle nominated their champion and put up a talisman or necklace they each champion must defend. Archdruid Zara surprised the entire Aldalonde circle by naming Anira as the champion of the Aldalonde.

Episode 8A: The Harrison House
Wicked Games Part 1

While waiting for Druid Circles to show up for an event that Archdruid Zara has called the Gathering, the Dublineers agree to investigate the town of Antira. Reports have surfaced that the town has fallen on hard times. A lumber community which once thrived, now is struggling to a strange blight that is effecting the local wildlife. While investigating the town the town our heroes learn that there is a strange event is happening. A local Lumber Baron named Christoff Harrison has arranged for a group of rich and influential suitors to marry his daughter before her 18th birthday. Seeing this event, Taliesin infiltrates the suitors and manages to become one of them. He spends time meeting his competitors, including, one of the druids dispatched by Zara to investigate the town. He encounters many foppish nobles, and local legends as well as exotic foreigners all with their own agendas and reasons for being there including the pursuit of a piece of the Harrison family Logging fortune. Taliesin meets Helena Harrison a and their meeting goes well. He flatters her and she tells him a story of how one of the suitors, an old boy friend of hers, used to hit her when they were together. They part and Helena informs her father that she will make her decision of who she will marry.
While investigating the town the party learns that while the blight is a big problem, there are also people going missing from the town including babies. The Dublineers decide to travel north and investigate the blight for themselves. The area soon turns swampy and mosquitoes and flies bite them. There is no wildlife and they soon find a Hut in the middle of the swamp flanked by large decaying trees. Taliesin sneaks up and investigates and fines a Green Hag inside consuming a human infant in a supernatural ritual. He busts in and an encounter ensues. The Hag has the ability to turn invisible and uses her magic to awaken the two large trees. A very long and difficult battle takes place where both Anira and Ru fall at certain points during the battle but the Dublineers prevail, and kill the two trees and Hag, with Anira getting the Killing blow on the hag. As the Hag dies, she gives birth to a human baby.


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